Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners are non-profit Design Partners, Community Partners, Academic Partners, Media Partners and others who will actively support the objectives of the Design Forward Alliance both directly and indirectly as advocates in the San Diego community. Alliance Partners’ participate and contribute to help realize the goals and objectives they share with the Design Forward Alliance.

Apply to become an Alliance Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

  • Interested prospective partners should submit to the Board a one page application to include:

    • ways in which organization will support DFA objectives;

    • name /title of Partner representative or designee

  • Board will review application & approve/deny

  • Approved organizations will be invited to join as Alliance Partners

Renewal Process

The Board will review the list of Alliance Partners annually during annual retreat

  • If board (at any time) has concerns that a partner isn’t delivering on their commitments, the VP of Partnerships will approach the Partner with a warning.

    • A second warning will revoke partnership status for 1 year

  • Where there are no concerns, the partner will be auto-renewed during board retreat

  • VP of Partnerships to engage partner if they wish to modify their partnership role in upcoming year


Alliance Partners will receive:

  • opportunity to nominate candidates for Board positions

  • one vote for the selection of Board members in each Board election

  • recognition through a digital DFA badge to be used on the organization’s website or as appropriate

The DFA and Alliance Partners will mutually determine through individual discussion and an MOU what additional membership benefits will apply based on availability as well as Partner preference and contribution.